Chantarelle M-LACTIC AND MANDELIC ACID 55% pH 0.7

M-lactic and mandelic acid 55% pH 0.7 – stimulating hydration and skin elasticity, rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, reducing the network of fine wrinkles, for dry skin with “shaking effect”, flaccid, mature.  
Description of the procedure:
Lifting exfoliation treatment with lactic and mandelic acid:
• intensive rejuvenation and smoothing
• stimulating the production of elastic fibers
• significantly improving skin parameters such as its elasticity, firmness and elasticity
• brightening the color, reducing photo-discoloration
• moisturizing, with a hydro-lipid balance regulating effect  
Recommendations / indications for the procedure:
• mature skin, flaccid, thinned, without elasticity and elasticity
• skin with clear signs of aging, a network of fine wrinkles
• skin with pigmentation spots • very dry, flaky skin with a “crumbling effect”
• contaminated skin, with blackheads, gray, without radiance
• skin with hyperkeratosis
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M-Lactic & Mandelic Acid 55% pH 0.7

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