Evenderma 6 Colors Facial LED Photon PDT Light Therapy

  • Adopt advanced PDT (Photon Dynamic Treatment) technology, comfortable light treatment, safe and no side effect.
  • Extremely narrow spectrum LED light.Stable output.360° no blind spots to penetrate the skin.
  • Intelligent control panel.Easy to operate.
  • With vents,fast heat dissipation.
  • Can be foldable. Easy to storage.
  • Cabin design. Large irradiation area.
  • Red light (625 nm):promote blood circulation, promote cell regeneration, alleviate pain, promote effective ingredients activity, improve skin tone.
  • Blue light (415 nm):Calm skin, kill bacteria and treat , regulate secretion of excess oil, calm allergic skin.
  • Red&Blue light:The enhanced nursing light source which red light and blue light work at the same time, can promote the growth of the skin cells, peel off the aging cuticle, remove the yellow and dark skin tone, to get tender skin as a newborn’s skin.
  • Infrared (760 nm)-directly act on the deep bottom of skin, promote blood circulation, alleviate pain, promote metabolism, strengthen red blue light effect.
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  1. Red (640nm): Deep repair and increase skin elasticity.
  2. Blue (415nm): Remove acne and inhibit bacteria.
  3. Yellow (590nm): Improves wrinkle and enhance immunity.
  4. Green (532nm): Lighten spots and calming skin.
  5. Purple: Improves fine lines
  6. Cyan: Deep metabolism and control oil.

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Handcrafted With Love By Dimitrios Petras @petrasjim

Handcrafted With Love By Dimitrios Petras @petrasjim

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