Evenderma Led Face Mask, 7 Colors Led Light Photon Therapy Mask

  • 7 Colors Technology – The light of each color of this mask can show beneficial effects under the particular skin conditions.
  • Activates skin collagen – promotes skin collagen growth , leaving skin more supple,translucent and white
  • Wireless Photon Beauty Device – It designed for facial beautification, are transmitted by LED lamp into the skin.It uses natural light.
  • Accelerates skin’s metabolic rate – tightens pores, making the skin firmer, Improve skin roughness, improves skin brightness, and leaves skin smoother and more elastic.
  • Promote blood circulation – Increase skin elasticity and improve skin condition, when using it on a daily basis for not more than 20 minutes.
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7 DIFFERENT COLORS: Through photodynamic therapy, our anti-aging mask will revamp your skin appearance in short time.

Red Light- Increased Blood Flow and Collagen Production Whitening Skin Wrinkles

| Blue Light Tightens Skin

| Green Light- Improve Pigmentation, Fine Lines, and Anti-Aging and Reduces Skin Grease

| Yellow Light- Smoothens & Energies the Skin Reduces Redness

| Purple Removes Acnes and Scares

| Light Blue Light- Soothing