EVENDERMA VIBE Vibration Anesthesia Device

Evenderma vibe is a near painless comfort system that provides patients with relaxing cosmetic experience in doctor”s office

Help ease your client’s pain sensitivity with the Vibration Anesthesia Device

The T-shaped head adds mild vibration and helps relax facial muscles.  According to a study produced by the Aesthetic of Plastic Surgery, patients experienced both a clinically and statistically significant pain reduction when a vibration stimulus was co-administered with the dermal filler injections. The majority of the clients (95%) reported a preference for vibration anesthesia with subsequent dermal filler injections.


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EVENDERMA VIBE eases the pain of any injection through the use of light vibrations

Apply massager 2-3 seconds prior to injection, 1-2cm from the site on a bony prominence and continue throughout the procedure.  Battery included.