Chantarelle RED STOP PHA-AzA Acid 25% pH 3.5

Formula of lactobionic acid (PHA), gluconolactone (PHA) and azelaic acid (AzA) 25% pH 3.5. Treatment strengthening the capillaries, reducing redness and soothing inflammation. It is intended for vascular skin, with symptoms of rosacea, sensitive, prone to erythema and irritation. Removes dead skin cells and increases transepidermal diffusion of active ingredients. It improves the condition of blood vessels and blood circulation by strengthening the walls and increasing the tightness of capillaries. Reduces the permeability of cell walls. It increases hydration, accelerates cell regeneration, regulates metabolism. Strengthens the skin’s defense mechanisms against the effects of UV radiation and aggressive environmental factors. It soothes and stabilizes.
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RED STOP Formula PHA-AzA Acid 25% pH 3.5 strengthening capillaries, reducing redness
Capacity: 100 ml